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K1 Fiancee Visa Preparation

Welcome to the American Fiancee Visa website! If you are planning to bring your foreign fiancee or fiance to the USA, we can assist you. We have a 100% success rate! None of our clients have ever had their K1 Fiance Visa application turned down for any reason. We can get your petition approved. Guaranteed.

The Fiance Visa Process

There is a very important information you should know about the Fiancee Visa Process. The process of submitting a Fiancee Visa is complicated. If it is not done properly it can cause delays, or it may not be approved at all. However, it is not necessary to pay an immigration attorney $1500 or even more when we can provide the same high level of experienced, quality work for you. If your Fiancee is from one of the more economically depressed countries (including Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries) and has never previously been to the United States... learn more Many people have experienced problems and delays when they have prepared their own fiancee visa, or from using an online form service that does not offer full support. Since September 11, the Embassy phase of the fiancee visa process has become more complicated. We can provide the personal assistance your fiancee needs in order to successfully complete her interview and obtain her visa. We take away the risk of having your K1 Fiancee Visa denied so you save time and have less stress.

Years of experience

Years of experience is the key to our success. We have many former clients from all over the United States who have been very pleased with the personal service that we have provided to them. We care about our clients and we work hard to make this a pleasant experience for them. Because of this, our company has many favorable references that we are happy to provide upon request. You are welcome to read letters from our clients. We do all the work, not you. We are with you through the entire process from start to finish. To become familiar with the service that we provide for you, please click here for more details.


I have a recommendation for people who need a reliable service who can process fiancee visas. I used this company, they are very reliable and prompt. They will send you the required fiancee visa forms with easily understood directions for completing them. They also offer follow-up support and guidance during the entire process.

I have been very busy this past month. Marina and Illya arrived in Washington D.C. on August 16. It took her about two hours to go through Customs. With the advice you gave us on preparing her documents, we were able to to get her INS and Fiancee Visa approval in three months and 10 days. All together it took us three months and 21 days for her to arrive in America. Yesterday, September 18 we were married in a private ceremony on the Peace river. It was a day we had dreamed of for a long time. We will never be able to thank you enough for you services and advice. Marina and I are very glad that there are still honest men left in this world. Thank you very much

My Fiancee Visa was finally approved in Frankfurt and they also already mailed it to me! Isn't that great! My flight to New York leaves on April 15th! Is there something I should know when I go through customs and everything? Can we get back to you after we are married and back from our honeymoon in April? Thank you so much for you help. Richard and me are the happiest people ever! Take care

We arrived Tuesday evening, and she is doing fine. It may take a while for her to adjust to the cold weather here! We are starting to plan the wedding - it will be in a month or so, I think, we haven't decided where to have it and we have to determine availablity of a place to have the wedding. She already has her wedding dress and we have the rings. We are going to get her a social security number this afternoon, and then an ID card. Is there anything else we need to do? Thank you for your help!

I am writing you with a great joy in my heart today! Devi has her fiancee visa in hand! Thank you for your assistance with our case. I plan to bring her to American on April 1. We are both so very happy this ordeal is over. Thanks again for all your wisdom and assistance.

I just received the approval notice in the mail! Also I have the forms you sent me and ask me to remind you about the one? That are in my work in my office. The other is the form I need to notorize. Thanks

I cannot express how much I appreciate you helping through the entire Fiance Visa process. I am sure that mz fiancee feels the same way I am sure she would bring you a box of candy if it was possible it is her custom hehe. thanks again
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K1 Fiancee Visa Petition Preparation

We charge $485.00 plus a $455.00 filing fee payable to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). There are no any additional fees for children who accompany their parents to the United States. We can handle your K1 Fiancee Visa no matter what state you live in, or the country that your Fiancee currently resides in. We offer our clients experience, reliability and quality service. We will get your K1 fiancee visa petition approved! If you would like to begin the K1 Fiancee Visa process or have any questions, please call 360-901-4555, or email us:

American Fiancee Visa

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