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Avoid problems with K1 Fiancee Visa

Many people contact us when they are having problems with the USCIS concerning a fiancee visa petition that they have filed themselves, or when they have used an economical service that just provides online forms for people to fill out without much support at all. If you experience problems later on and you need help, you are on your own. The fiancee visa process is a very detailed and complicated process. If not prepared correctly, you can expect long delays or possible denial of your petition. Many questions or problems appear later on in the process for people, and nobody is there to assist them. That's why it is important for you to have someone like us to turn to, someone who can be there for you during the entire process from start to finish.

In the past we have offered support for people that have had problems with the USCIS, but the amount of people experiencing problems has increased so much that we just cannot provide this service any longer. Once the USCIS notifies you of a mistake on your application, it can be a real nightmare to correct. It takes so much of our time and effort to correct problems for people. The USCIS is very difficult to contact and to work with. We would like to help, but we must focus our time on our regular full service customers.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to consider getting professional assistance whether if it is from us, or from another professional service that can guarantee you that your fiancee visa will not be delayed, or rejected. We have seen many cases where relationships have fallen apart simply because of the long delays involved in obtaining a fiancee visa. No matter who you use, always get references and their guarantee.

Beware of services or attorneys who use scare tactics, or who pressure you to get your business. Choose the company that you feel the most comfortable with. Don't be misled by services or attorneys who promise you that they can get your petition approved much faster than anyone else. This is simply not true. No service or attorney can get your petition approved faster than anyone else can. You cannot even pay the USCIS an additional fee to expedite your approval.

We do not sell pre-made kits or offer any forms that you can fill out online. Mistakes can be easily made, and there is much more to the fiancee visa process than just filling out a few forms online. We can easily offer these economical alternatives to people, but we cannot guarantee your success if you were to use them. It's much better to deal with live people rather than an automated service that can't be reached by telephone. Experience is the real key to success in anything that you do in life. What we do offer you is our experience, and our guarantee that your fiancee visa petition will be approved the first time when you use our service.

K-1 Fiancee Visa Petition Preparation

We charge $485.00 plus a $455.00 filing fee payable to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). We can get your fiancee approved! If you have any questions or would like to begin the K1 Fiancee Visa process, please call 360-901-4555, or email us:

American Fiancee Visa

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